Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"I Think This Monkey Likes Me"

Next on the Amazing Race!

While racing through Bangkok, Teams face a Roadblock where they must prepare a feast for hundreds of sacred monkeys.

In Thailand, teams make their way to an ancient temple where they find their next clue. Two Teams race for the Fast Forward and both are greeted with a gut-wrenching challenge aptly named "Insect Delight." Despite a teammate's encouragement, a physically demanding challenge proves to be too much for one Racer who breaks down.


At 5/10/2006 11:12 AM, Blogger LoLo D. said...

"one racer breaks down" - hmmm, who could that be? Does she whine louder than a chainsaw?

To Monica - Please put us and Joseph out of our misery and just come in last so we don't have to listen to you whine for two hours in the finale!!


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