Friday, April 14, 2006

From Italy to Greece

"You never handed it to me, Bitch!" - Lake. Really, need I say more than that?! Would say I feel bad for Michelle but "I'm going to put it in your hands and you're going to hold it" doesn't make me feel that bad for her. The two of them need counselling or a divorce. He's an ass and she's an enabler.

Another dysfunctional couple is MoJo. Poor Joseph! "Lift up your spirits before I get pissed." The man has way too much patience for her theatrics. I swear Monica is manic depressive. One minute it was "We're out of it" while she blubbered at the train station and the next it was "We were so happy to see Fran and Barry because we can beat them". Even worse is her little tidbits of wisdom about every place they went in this episode. First it was about walking the same streets as Caesar and then about being in the birthplace of thought. For anyone else, it would be a throwaway comment but it's like a three year old talking about physics when Monica talks about it.

What's one of the biggest rules in Amazing Race?! Read your clue or Phil will give you a penalty! Lake/Michelle, the Hippies & Ray/Yolanda - why did you think getting off the train at the wrong stop and then taking a bus instead of just getting on the next train made sense?! I love the looks on both Yolanda and Monica's faces when Phil told MoJo they were team#2. Priceless!

Have to say the two best moments of the episode were: 1) Barry backing up into a tree and breaking the back window of their vehicle; and 2) BJ & Tyler kissing Phil! Man, I wish I could kiss Phil..... :P


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