Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Season, New Race

For those of you who don't know yet or have stumbled onto this site, we have started a new site for the new season. Come visit us at: We look forward to seeing your comments there.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From Thailand to Japan to Alaska to Colorado

The airport is always the great equalizer in the Amazing Race. Even when you miss one plane, you can always catch another that catches you up with the group. Although, there have been past seasons where this just hasn't been the case. This was one of the closest finish lines yet. The two teams I wanted to see at the end were there but the team I wanted to win didn't. But lets start at the beginning....

The group raced to find some elephants who told them to head to Japan. Even with Tyler's language skills, the Hippies were still behind Frats on the way to retrieve the Detour. But both teams were done by the time Ray & Yolanda caught up. The Hippies used Tyler's knowledge of the city and the language to race through the bike messenger detour while the Frats and Ray & Yolanda used their strength to power through the "maiden" detour. Everyone had some downtime in a capsule hotel for the night before heading off for more racing and the road block. Ray & Yolanda struggled with the language and the country and arrived at the road block after the other two teams had completed their rides on three of the thrilling rides at an amusement park at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Then it was a race for the airport to catch flights to Alaska. The Hippies conned the hotel staff into telling the other teams that there was no internet access at the hotel but it didn't do them any good since the Frats still got a sooner flight out than they did. Unfortunately, they and Ray & Yolanda caught up to the Frats in Tapei.

Directions once again caught Ray & Yolanda up. They didn't arrive at the detour (building an ice fishing house or flying medical supplies out) until after both the other teams had finished, again. Though, I have to wonder about the second task being one that was dependent on the weather conditions. It wasn't much of a choice. The Frats beat the Hippies by minutes with their ice house and I have to admit that I silently cheered while the Hippies raced around the Chalet looking for the snowshoes that were right outside. They pulled a Fran & Barry! They must have run past the equipment two/three times before they finally found them. From there, the teams raced to the airport to get back to Colorado where it all began. After a quick search through a historical park, teams raced off for the final road block and the finish line. As Ray & Yolanda got held up searching for their clue, the Hippies and the Frats fought it out at the road block.

This season's road block was to locate & place the flag of each country they visited this season in the order in which they visited it. Eric had all the right flags just in the wrong order. He was seconds away from victory but made the mistake of returning one of the correct flags for a wrong one in the field. It was during this time that BJ corrected the order of his flags and he and Tyler raced to the finish mat & Phil. That's right, folks, BJ & Tyler are the newest Amazing Race millionaires! Argh!

EDIT: Guess I should have also said.... TTOW!!

Season Finale

One team will be the first to cross the finish line and take home the million dollar grand prize after traveling more than 59,000 miles through 10 countries over five continents in the season finale of The Amazing Race.

In the final episode of the season for The Amazing Race, the teams leave Thailand and head to Japan where they quickly learn that little mistakes can cost big time.

One team is ecstatic when they learn the location of the next destination - a place they've been to and they know the language - while another team worries when they waste time looking for equipment needed for a challenge. The last two legs of the race around the world prove to be both mentally and physically grueling and it is a close race until the bitter end.

Sounds Like it will be a great TV night!!!! Hopefully we'll all make it home to watch it!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

From Australia to Thailand: Say "Good-bye, MoJo"

This was a roller coaster episode for the Hippies. They started in last with 'no money & no pants'. The Frats and Yolanda & Ray were helpful enough to leave them some sandals and some purple workout pants. But instead of booking their tickets right away, they decided to hit the Darwinian nightlife up for some cash and ended up missing the flight that all the other teams were on. Oh, wait! They got a better flight! A flight that would get them into Bangkok 15 minutes before the other three teams. Oh, darn! The other teams got in 45 minutes early and they got in twenty minutes late.... : It was their saving grace that there was a Fast Forward on this leg because otherwise they would have been out of it for sure. Though maybe not - MoJo was really stupid about the bus. The Frats & Yolanda and Ray got a midnight bus; the Hippies got a 4:20am bus; and MoJo got a 5:20am bus but thought they were going to be first. Not sure if they were being optimistic or they really are just that naive (aka stupid).

Thank God we don't have to listen to Monica's infernal whining any more. Joseph must have the frickin' patience of a saint. I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry when he said to Phil that they were going to get married and have children in the future. I'm not sure what's scarier - Joseph marrying Monica or Monica having children. I would rather have a premanent recording of a dentist's drill implanted in my ear than spend a lifetime listening to Monica cry and carry on about how she dropped ten clay pots (Detour) because her arms were getting weak. Good luck and good riddance!

Not that we didn't know that someone would be eliminated this leg, but Phil gave it up when he welcomed the Hippies to the mat! He never gives it up! "Congratulations, you will be one of the three teams racing for a million dollars." Oh well, I'm not complaining. I'm really happy that MoJo are gone. This is the first time I've ever said this about the Amazing Race: there is not a single team racing to the finish that I wouldn't mind seeing win it. I do have my favourite team and they're still in it so, we'll see but each of the teams deserve to be there (another rarity). Though, the Hippies are there by pure luck. They made some mega mistakes on some legs and were only saved by other teams making worse mistakes or by the leg being a non-elimination one.

Best comment for this episode - though only because of the look on Monica's face after Jeremy replied (at the RoadBlock):

Monica to Jeremy after they finally arrived at the detour:
"We thought we were first."
Jeremy to Monica: "Well, you really thought wrong."

Next week is the Season Finale! Don't forget to set your VCRs, get home early, or turn on the little TV next to my desk (giggle, giggle). It's two hours and it looks like it's going to be a doozy. Looks like the Hippies bad luck with flights comes back to haunt them again....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"I Think This Monkey Likes Me"

Next on the Amazing Race!

While racing through Bangkok, Teams face a Roadblock where they must prepare a feast for hundreds of sacred monkeys.

In Thailand, teams make their way to an ancient temple where they find their next clue. Two Teams race for the Fast Forward and both are greeted with a gut-wrenching challenge aptly named "Insect Delight." Despite a teammate's encouragement, a physically demanding challenge proves to be too much for one Racer who breaks down.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Anyone Want to be a Racer?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a team for the Amazing Race 11? I think John and Rebecca do. Heck! I'd pay to watch them every week..... :P Anyway, if you think you have some entertainment value then you should fill out the Amazing Race 11 Application and apply for the season after next.

They Stayed in Australia

Can Monica be any whinier?! How Joseph puts up with her all day every day, I just don't know. The man has the patience of a saint. I did enjoy the fact that they were too busy arguing to notice when the sand finished running thru the hourglass. "It's not fair. We were here first." Um, well, no you weren't, Monica. Otherwise you wouldn't have been available to be yielded. Doesn't matter who got to the parking lot first, it only matters on the mat. Duh! Little surprised that the Frat boys cancelled everyone else's cabs. They were right, though. It was karma that their cab didn't show. Even funnier is that the other 2 teams blamed it on Joseph. Oh well, it wasn't an elimination round so the Hippies are fine and they all arrived at the same time so it's anyone's game still.

Rebecca is right. The taxi driver was fun-neee!! "I'm just joking, mate. No, I'm not but I saw you." Once again, what do men see in Monica. Although, it was funny to see Eric hitting on her in front of Joseph and to see Jeremy hitting on Yolanda at the Road Block. They just can't help themselves, can they? Though, the supportive "Have fun! Hopefully your chute opens, dude!" from Jeremy to Eric was pretty good, too.

But, I'd have to say that my favourite moment was Monica's face at the mat when she found out the Hippies were still in it because it was a non-elimination round. Guess that means next week's episode is an elimination one. I guess that makes sense since they only go with 3 into the season finale and the first hour of that is usually a non-elimination round so the teams have a chance to change their position going to the final mat.

I didn't laugh harder than I did when Phil crinched in fear from the Outback guy with his whips! I'd like to show him mine. Although, I don't think I've gotten that back from Rebecca yet........

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Next on the Amazing Race

Man, They Should Have Used Their Fake Names

Knowing that the Million Dollar Prize is within their reach, the final four Teams turn up the intensity.

Teams fly to Darwin, Australia and must wade through a crocodile-infested pool to receive their next clue. The Racers also perform an intense Roadblock which requires one teammate to perform a tandem skydive with a trained professional. This entire leg is full of foot races which culminate with a three-way sprint to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Teams continue to play head games with each other and one Duo takes the scheming a step further when they cancel all the cabs waiting for the remaining Teams.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

From Oman to Australia

From first to last: Fran & Barry were booted tonight because travel scheduling was the great equalizer yet again and the Hippies were able to catch the same flight as everyone else. I'm getting a little sick and tired of Monica and her little sayings. You know, those things she says that she thinks makes her sound smart. Even worse is Joseph complaining about how bad their luck is! Monica read the clue wrong and you believed her so, you only took one crayfish from the traps instead of the two that you were supposed to! How is that bad luck? That's just MoJo being D'ohD'ohs. And what's with the vendetta against the Hippies?! Don't remember seeing them clash before this episode but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Not sure about anyone else but the couples seem to be edgier this season. More critical of each other and more verbal about it. Maybe this season's team members just have shorter fuses.

But, the whole prison Road Block was priceless. Was kind of hoping that Monica would do it and get lost, but no such luck.... It was still worth seeing the close call at the pit stop between the Frats and MoJo just to see Monica's face when Phil told Eric & Jeremy that they won a trip to Hong Kong for coming in first. So, now we're down to four teams, which (I'm sorry to say this) means that this season of Amazing Race will be coming to an end soon. GEESH, I hope they double up on seasons of AR again this year and start a new one in July or something.

Favourite Quote from this episode: The Bedouin to BJ & Tyler - "I am Bedouin. I come from the desert." BJ to the Bedouin - "I come from New Jersey."

EDIT: By the way, did I call it or did I CALL it?! Eric and Jeremy were #1 again this week and the Oldie McOldertons were out! Ah, I always knew I was psychic. :P