Tuesday, February 21, 2006

T-Minus Six Days....and Counting

Next week, baby, next week! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about Rebecca's wedding or the start of a normal season of Amazing Race (as opposed to the wonky Family version). Before I say what I came to say, I will say one good thing about the Family Edition of the Amazing Race: If any team had to win, I'm just REALLY happy it wasn't the team from Florida. You all know who I'm talking about - the Weavers. I have never seen a more disrepectful, rude, ungodly family. I felt bad for them at first because they'd recently lost their father but they kept using that as an excuse to be both whiny and rude. I have to admit, though, that my top two families actually finished in one and two, which was nice for a change. I'm usually VERY wrong about who will win and who will be in the final leg of the race especially when I chose so early on. The Bransens and the Linz families were entertaining to watch.

For the Bransens, I liked the dad more than the girls. They were a little rude to him sometimes but then, he was a little over "fatherly" to them at others. They were my second team choice. Though, if it had come down to them and the Weavers, the Bransens would have had my vote! Unlike the Weavers, the Bransens were up for anything. They didn't whine and complain when things were too hard for them to do and they rolld up their sleeves and helped out their dad when they knew he'd done too much for the team task-wise. I think one of the best moments in the entire race was right at the end when Phil asked the Bransens what they had learned about each other. It was precious and touching. It showed the real depth of their relationship (how armchair psychologist, was that?!

For the Linzs, I liked their enthusiasm. That and even when they weren't getting along, they were STILL getting along. The boys did most of the heavy work but Megan jumped in and did her share. The fact that two of the boys were really cute doesn't hurt either. They were my number one pick. They were the team you kept thinking might just be out of it but then hung on by the skin of their teeth. Now, while I wasn't a huge fan of Amazing Race 8 (I don't think it should have a number. It should just be skipped over like a bad memory.), I am very happy that the Linz family won it. I find it even more endearing that the plan the whole time was to share the money with their three siblings that couldn't do the race and their parents.

But, now onto the reason I started blogging today. THE NEW SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK!! As it gets closer and closer to "go day", the ads for the Amazing Race 9 keep getting longer and more tantalizing (yes, I said tantalizing). But no matter how many ads I see, I still see that stupid first ad with Dani & Danielle. I hope they lose the first leg of the race. That way I don't have to see them for long or hear them: "We're girls. We're young and we like boys." (blech) If I hadn't seen that ad so many times now, they might have actually been one of my teams but after that ad, well, yeah... The sooner they're gone, the sooner I can enjoy watching a normal season of the Amazing Race.

There is one team, though, that I can see Rebecca & John getting behind. I mean, they do have to stand by their own. That team, of course, would be David & Lori. Self-proclaimed nerds, they look like they'll be fun. Though, I'm not sure how they'll do with the physical tasks but as long as they aren't booted too early, I think they'll be good comic relief. We all know that there has to be at least one of those teams on every race. Just like there is the rude "the reason why Europeans don't like Americans" couple on every race. Hmmm? I wonder who that will be this season?

I just had a fun thought. John is American (Iwonian to be more specific) and since it's W-day in three days, Rebecca will soon become half-American. So, I think we should start pressuring them to sign on for the Amazing Race 10. I mean, they both are physically fit, smart and I know that I'd love to see Rebecca getting her head shaved in India! Something to think about anyways.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


An article about the Family Edition format.

Starting Here....

Here's the first update courtesy of Laura:
Tuesday, February 28th @ 9pm PT - TWO HOUR SEASON PREMIERE

Fasten your seatbelts because on February 28th the Amazing Race takes off again. This season, the reality adventures series returns to its international format where 11 teams of two people. each with a pre-existing relationship, will travel to exotic locations, spanning five continents. They'll never know where they're going next or what they'll have to do once they get there.

The teams:

1. Lake & Michelle - married parents team from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who have been married for 13 years. He's a dentist and she's a stay-at-home mom of three.

2. Danielle & Dani - childhood friends team from Staten Island, New York. Both are recent University/College graduates. (Danielle sounds like she's going to be annoying - it describes her as "talkative" on the CBS website.)

3. BJ & Tyler - best friends team (These guys look like they're going to be a fun pair to watch. They're hippies but they're fun hippies!)

4. Ray & Yolanda - dating couple team from Chicago Illinois, who have been together for five years. Yolanda was a teacher prior to moving in with Ray who is a lawyer.

5. John & Scott - lifelong friends team who live in Boston & Cape Cod, Massachusetts (respectively). John is a wealth manager/artist and Scott is "in sales".

6. David & Lori - dating couple team from Manhattan, Kansas, who have been together for three years. David is a "musician" and Lori is an assistant manager at Pizza Hut.

7. Eric & Jeremy - best friends team from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jeremy is a valet and Eric is a waiter/bartender.

8. Fran & Barry - married couple team from Summit County, Colorado, who have been together for over 40 years. Fran (61) is a retired accountant and Barry (63) is a retired urologist and former battalion surgeon.

9. Lisa & Joni - sisters team from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida & Katy Texas (respectively). Lisa is an art gallery owner and Joni is a stay-at-home mom of two.

10. Joseph & Monica - dating couple team from Fayetteville, Arkansas, who have been together for three years.

11. Wanda & Desiree - mother & daughter team from Smyrna, Georgia & New York City, New York (respectively). Wanda is a corporate trainer and Desiree is a writer.

I like teams 3, 7, 8 & 10. Though the guy in team 10 sounds kinda clingy. Oh well, we'll see how they do!


- Laura