Tuesday, March 28, 2006

From Germany to Italy

How dumb were the teams tonight?! The frat boy and the hippies having wheelchair obstacle races in the airport while Michelle tried to be all high and mighty and buy tickets online. Too bad she couldn't figure out how to change the website from German to English (like the hippies did after they had fun!). She didn't get the tickets online and then went and got tickets for the last plane into Italy?! Dumbness was a catchy illness this episode! What's with Fran & Barry and the clue box? They NEVER see it. They ran by it twice again tonight before they saw it! Hello? If you can't see a box with a red & yellow flag the first time, get your prescriptions updated. Found it kinda funny the frat boys didn't do the physical task but watching Dave do it made me want to scream and tear my hair out. Quit whining, and just get the task done. Let's see the next act of dumbness would probably be Lake & Michelle (the king and queen of stupid things) going to the pit stop before going to the roadblock. Of course there are people there! It's the pit stop, stupid! I'm sure they time lapsed it but why was it taking Lori so long to figure out there were two extra pieces to the statue. Didn't she hear Lake say there were two extra bits when he was leaving?! Sorta sorry to see the Pinkies go but it's not like you didn't know some time ago that you would be on the race so, why wouldn't you learn to drive standard? Wonder how the boys will handle it?!

If Lake and Michelle win this season, it'll only be because of pure luck or they've just killed everyone with those redneck, rude attitudes of theirs. Michelle talks to Lake like I'm sure she talks to her children: "Be Still". Did love Monica's "pal-er-moe" and Joseph's "pal-ee-er-moe". Could they butcher the name of the city any worse? I'm happy with the frat boys and the hippies coming in one and two each leg. Wouldn't be sorry to see either team win it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh NO! Not Anatomy!

This week on the Amazing Race!!!

"Good Thing I Took That Human Anatomy Class In High School" - Competition heats up in Italy when Teams must reconstruct broken statues in order to get their next clue.

One duo gets lost on their way to the road block and ends up at the pit stop instead. During a detour, teams frantically try to locate a marked item of clothing among 2,400 pieces of laundry. The pressure of the race intensifies and one team member has a meltdown while trying to assemble a statue.

Sounds like a really great show!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

From Russia to Germany

The mom and daughter are gone!! Not that I have anything against moms and daughters. Just those two. Both really whiny and both really annoying. Lake and Michelle surprised me. They had fun, they weren't rude - it was nice. Kinda can't believe the Pinkies followed the mom and daughter for so long. They went in circles! Not that hard to figure out you're going in circles if you pass the same scenery more than once! The boys had fun with the bottles over the head but have to admit I'd pay good money to see them do the "Slap It" detour. Though, they like to slap it on their own....

But, what was with that RoadBlock?! Could it have been any easier? I mean, you pick up either the feet or the hat and if there's no pole going into the ground, you have a gnome. Or if you're Desiree, you dig in the empty hole and you don't have a "guh-nome". I'd have to say this was a "boy's leg" of the race. Fast cars & beer bottles over the head. I'm sure all the boys felt right at home.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From Brazil to Russia

Okay, so what was with the zipline? Seem a little familiar to anyone else? I remember a couple of seasons ago had a zipline in it. I remember a crazy redhead and her fiance from Texas and her screaming the whole way across.... I'm just saying it looked really familiar. So, who wasn't surprised that the "Pinkies" hooked it up with the "Frat Boys"? It was inevitable. Almost as inevitable as the Pinkies losing their clue/money pouch (otherwise known as the fanny pack). You knew someone was going to forget/lose it at some point this episode since they made such a big deal about Michelle leaving it in the car. Or I guess I should say: Lake made such a big deal about it. I won't get on Lake and Michelle's case again this week since I was "corrected" by one of their friends last week. Doesn't mean I won't mention them again, I just don't have anything new to say about them. Well, except maybe: Lake was running in a cathedral?! How Rude! Also, on the rude front, the mother/daughter team. Mom was afraid of deep water so to encourage her to dive down for the clue, the daughter kept yelling "Down! Down! Down!". How supportive or inspirational was that? GEESH!! Get a grip lady. The Russian swimmers were more help to your mom than you were!

So, on the "why Europeans think Americans are rude" front, Monica mentioned something on the way to the detour: "All I know is Russian people drink and smoke a whole lot." Good to know they aren't making mass assumptions like "All Americans are rude". I'd really hate to see that! My prediction about the Hippies is coming true, though. I don't think I laughed harder than when they scared the crap out of the Frat Boys on the way to the zipline. Priceless! So much so it should be a Mastercard commercial. Another great moment for the Hippies was in the cathedral. I was impressed they took the time to appreciate the beauty and peace of the room. Nice change from the disrespect of some of the other teams (okay, only one).

I can't wait for the leiderhausen next week. Wish I could get in on the "bottle over the head" action that the Frat Boys were enjoying. Speaking of the Frat Boys, what was with the ass tapping at the beginning of this leg? Though, I wouldn't mind smacking that..... Oh, sorry, was that out loud?!

Anyway, here's a question from Annie: do you think CBS gives the teams laundry priviledges? If so, when? I thought maybe on their overnight pit stops but I can see her point. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Are They or Aren't They?

Okay, are the Frat boys gay or bisexual or what? First there was Eric with "I've got to keep the girls happy so I can get in their pants later" and then Jeremy with "I can't wait to get into my speedo". Either way, just plain rude. Even Phil wasn't exempt from their sexual comments. Blech! The Shavers are gone! Thank the Lord! Thought they were annoying last week but they proved themselves more annoying this week. Especially Lisa. Could you complain any more about the car? YEESH!! The mom in the mother/daughter team is rapidly killing my last nerve along with my eardrums. Also, how unsurprising was it that the Geeks did the science experiment?!

Oh yeah, what's with the patches, or bandaids or whatever they are, behind Lake & Michelle's right ears? Are they kicking nicotine together? Or is it some weird nod to their kids at home? Either way, Lake needs to reduce his steroids and increase his ritalin. I really like how he headbutted Michelle when they were leaving last week's pit stop.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From Colorado to Brazil

So, Amazing Race got off to a great start! Phil... really, need I say more. As much as I love the race, they need more Phil. But, the teams are pretty much what I thought they'd be. "Hippies" are pretty funny but they're gonna get annoying after awhile. Lake surprised me as the chest beating "grunt grunt" man. "Pinkies"/"Double D's" need to go and they need to go soon but not necessarily before the "Frosties", or as Don and I like to call them: the "Shavers" (if you were listening closely, you'll understand). Enough with the screaming already! John & Rebecca's team is growing on me but I don't think they've got what it takes to make it to the end. Oh well, we'll see, I guess.

Can you wait to see Fran dangling from the rock cliff next week? I almost fell off the couch again tonight when the commercial came on! I wonder if we should Fogg it again.....

It began

Read Phil's Blog here.

I'm also trying to Google/find out what the name of the soccer player at the end of last night's episode (as requested) but there's not much for info out there right now.

I've Changed My Mind

Ok so after watching the first episode of the Amazing Race, thank gawd it's back to "normal", I'm changing my vote on who I want to win. I had the MOJO's winning, but now I like the GEEKS. They have to be my favourite so far, next to HIPPIES. I'm also sad to see the guys from Boston go. I guess the "I Dream of Jeannie" wish didn't come true. I feel the couple that should have gotten the boot should have been Fran & Barry. Come on guys, how many times can you pass the marker on the bridge and not see it?! And pulease, build a motorcycle? "I'm good at building things". Guess not this time! And what is it with the PLATINUMS? Lord Jesus make the pain end, eliminate them from the RACE! And for all those who work in my office, don't the FRATBOYS remind you of John?

Ok there is my little rant. I'm sure there will be more as the weeks progress!