Thursday, April 27, 2006

From Oman to Australia

From first to last: Fran & Barry were booted tonight because travel scheduling was the great equalizer yet again and the Hippies were able to catch the same flight as everyone else. I'm getting a little sick and tired of Monica and her little sayings. You know, those things she says that she thinks makes her sound smart. Even worse is Joseph complaining about how bad their luck is! Monica read the clue wrong and you believed her so, you only took one crayfish from the traps instead of the two that you were supposed to! How is that bad luck? That's just MoJo being D'ohD'ohs. And what's with the vendetta against the Hippies?! Don't remember seeing them clash before this episode but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Not sure about anyone else but the couples seem to be edgier this season. More critical of each other and more verbal about it. Maybe this season's team members just have shorter fuses.

But, the whole prison Road Block was priceless. Was kind of hoping that Monica would do it and get lost, but no such luck.... It was still worth seeing the close call at the pit stop between the Frats and MoJo just to see Monica's face when Phil told Eric & Jeremy that they won a trip to Hong Kong for coming in first. So, now we're down to four teams, which (I'm sorry to say this) means that this season of Amazing Race will be coming to an end soon. GEESH, I hope they double up on seasons of AR again this year and start a new one in July or something.

Favourite Quote from this episode: The Bedouin to BJ & Tyler - "I am Bedouin. I come from the desert." BJ to the Bedouin - "I come from New Jersey."

EDIT: By the way, did I call it or did I CALL it?! Eric and Jeremy were #1 again this week and the Oldie McOldertons were out! Ah, I always knew I was psychic. :P

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bedouin Lovin'

Seriously... what does TTOW mean?! hehe

"Do You Know How Much Running I Did Today, Phil?"

Woohoo Amazing Race Night.

As per CTV

A fierce rivalry between two teams starts to heat up when one duo tells the other that at the next opportunity to use the Yield, they will use it against them.

Teams travel to Australia and must ride a bicycle built for two in order to receive their next clue. However, what should have been a fun three-mile bike ride turns into a heated argument for one team. Meanwhile, on the drive to the airport, another team picks up a hitchhiker and takes some time to conduct international relations.

Hmm I wonder which Teams will have the rivalry? We all know the Frat Boys will be conducting some international relations. This should be a fun fill night!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From Greece to Oman

Yeesh!! It's like the ghost of Lake & Michelle are haunting the remaining racers. Ray and Yolanda seemed to be channeling them tonight. She was scolding him for "cussing" and he was just being rude behind her back. Although, he did refrain from calling her bitch with a southern redneck twang so, that was one good thing in his favour. But, what is with Yolanda's voice? I used to go to high school with a girl that would always speak in a baby voice. It drove me nuts.

The poor Hippies. They miss the first bus and then they miss the first flight. At least they weren't kicked out since it was a non-elimination round (finally!!). But the comment made by Monica and the hippies about the Frat boys "jumping" the line?! You were too afraid to try crossing the water yourselves and you were all egging each other on to see if they'd get stuck. The Frat boys just went for it instead of being scaredy cats waiting for someone else to do it first. They screwed up on the Detour and getting to the pit stop, though.

My favourite comment from this episdoe was made from Joseph to Monica at the Road Block: "You can really just be quiet and find that food. You don't have to pout about it."

Hopefully the Frat boys and the Hippies will get their acts together and oust the Oldie McOldertons from first next week. We'll see......


Friday, April 14, 2006

From Italy to Greece

"You never handed it to me, Bitch!" - Lake. Really, need I say more than that?! Would say I feel bad for Michelle but "I'm going to put it in your hands and you're going to hold it" doesn't make me feel that bad for her. The two of them need counselling or a divorce. He's an ass and she's an enabler.

Another dysfunctional couple is MoJo. Poor Joseph! "Lift up your spirits before I get pissed." The man has way too much patience for her theatrics. I swear Monica is manic depressive. One minute it was "We're out of it" while she blubbered at the train station and the next it was "We were so happy to see Fran and Barry because we can beat them". Even worse is her little tidbits of wisdom about every place they went in this episode. First it was about walking the same streets as Caesar and then about being in the birthplace of thought. For anyone else, it would be a throwaway comment but it's like a three year old talking about physics when Monica talks about it.

What's one of the biggest rules in Amazing Race?! Read your clue or Phil will give you a penalty! Lake/Michelle, the Hippies & Ray/Yolanda - why did you think getting off the train at the wrong stop and then taking a bus instead of just getting on the next train made sense?! I love the looks on both Yolanda and Monica's faces when Phil told MoJo they were team#2. Priceless!

Have to say the two best moments of the episode were: 1) Barry backing up into a tree and breaking the back window of their vehicle; and 2) BJ & Tyler kissing Phil! Man, I wish I could kiss Phil..... :P

Thursday, April 13, 2006

shut the h-e-(double hockey stick) up!

Lake and Michelle have a
STRANGE relationship where he verbally abuses her and she treats him like a baby in return. fun times :-/

I WANT A FROG HAT! i love BJ and Tyler's froggy hat. they thought they were last place going into the challenge so they just had fun with it and it paid off.

i cannot reveal too much since laura still hasn't seen the episode. she'll post a recap up here in a bit but here are some pics for now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Herculean Effort For Some Herculean Dudes

Next on the Amazing Race!!!

Teams participate in a special "Da Vinci Code"-themed challenge in which teams are given a portion of Da Vinci's famed "Vitruvian Man" and must find the other half in order to solve the clue.

While Racing through Greece, teams return to ancient times and compete in Olympic games that include a grueling bout in the mud with a Greek wrestler. During a roadblock, teams face a 240-foot bungee jump off the Corinth Canal bridge and one racer becomes paralyzed with fear. Several teams make a crucial mistake when they fail to follow the clue's directions correctly. Meanwhile, a lack of focus and confusion plagues several teams who get lost while driving, and their frustration fuels an emotional breakdown for one team.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fishy Sicily (pour Laura)

Okay so I came home 8 minutes late but here's what I immediately picked up on...

The hippies were the first to leave in the morning and it was one of those "get there early but the thing you're supposed to do doesn't open til 8am" places - the theatro. so hippies get there early and draw up a fake "Official Sign in Sheet" then go to their car and sleep. The Frat boys get there a while late and sign their name... it took them a minute to realize - hey this paper doesnt look official - hey - is this the hippies' pen? too funny. i love the hippies. it SAID it was OFFICIAL geesh! hehe.

Meanwhile, all the other teams that got a later start to the day are stuck in traffic. Lake is precious: "where are we what's goin on what's that?" michelle: "a small bus."

they have to get to the theatro and count statue-heads on fenceposts then run down and tell their number to a groundskeeper. as Lake put it "i bet it's one o them find somethin' in the middle of nowhere' things.

this was all fairly simple but the detour that was next was a lil tougher on some teams. they could chose Big Fish or Little Fish.

In Big Fish they had to carry a 35 lb swordfish 3/4 miles to a market and find some dude to hand it off to for their next clue. Every team did this except Fran and Barry who chose Little Fish. they had to go to that market and sell 4kg of lil fishies. they had a ball doing it which was more than i can say for this week's Spazzy McGee, Monica. "JOSEPH!?!" "WHAT!!" she had a spaz attack because they couldn't find the person they had to deliver to fish to... then was crying because she was covered in fish guts. after the task while they're driving down the street she kept checking out all the chicks walking by "i wonder if she would give me some clean clothes to wear."

Lake calls Michelle a ding dong and it's off to Kayak Polo! At this point the frats, hippies are 1 and 2 - the rest follow closely although the fitness team and the geeks are dwindling behind.

so, kayak polo - I WANNA PLAY! you're on teams, in kayaks, and basically you have to paddle around and shoot a volleyball-type-thing into a big elevated net/basket. fun stuff. Fran got a little upset with Barry "he's pathetic" and Michelle totally throws like a girl. you know them chicks in basketball who use two hands and kinda push the ball up from their chest? *shudder*. lori sends dave off into the water with a 'may the force be with you."

Phil is dancing to the music of the live band lining the run up to the mat as we see the frats come in 1st. shortly after it's the hippies then Mojo... monica is still complaining about smelling like fish. ultimately the geeks get eliminated this week. they were a lil annoying towards the end... and i'm not really surprised.

next week we have the typical Amazing Race bungy jump as they make their way over to Greece.

i just totally speed-typed this for laura. i apologize for any errors or lack in fun snarky opinion that you usually get from her re-caps. let's all hope she gets her tv back soon.

nerds rule!

hump day special

i am SO annoyed that they're airing this on wednesdays now. that means we're going to watch AR9 on the american east coast station at 5pm PT/8ET. THEN it's time for a new ANTM - america's next top model. i know this isn't on topic of AR9 but it seems clear to me that you do not need talent, brains or a pretty face to win ANTM this year (i'm not saying models aren't any of those things, it does take talent with brains and beauty) - just that the contestants this time around are less than dazzling.

anyhoo, back to AR9 - i'll be posting a full recap... since laura will be at work until 830PT AND her puter died the other day :-( poor girl. so stay tuned!

EDIT: I just came across this AR blog as well, it's worth a read :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sleep Deprivation Is Really Starting To Irritate Me

Posted as a Comment by Gus:

Next on the Amazing Race!

Wednesday April 5 at 8pm ET

Tensions mount and the stress of the race takes its toll on several teams who get lost while trying to find their next clue in Sicily.

While racing through the ancient streets of Sicily, teams choose between a detour where they must either sell four kilograms of small Italian fish in a busy open-air market, or carry a 32-pound swordfish one-third of a mile through a congested part of the city in order to receive their next clue. Teams are also faced with a roadblock that requires one team member to score a goal in the popular Italian sport of "Kayak Polo" while competing against a team of professional players.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Important News

Amazing race has changed its day and time. Starting this week, Amazing Race 9 will now be aired:

Wednesdays @ 8pm PT/ET

Don't forget to change your VCRs and don't dawdle on your way home.